Forefront Capital President, Brad Reifler

The American businessman Brad Reifler founded the big company, Forefront Capital. He also co-founded Pali Capital that offers financial services. Before coming up with all the large corporations, he was a star trader at Refco. He is industrious and had come up with a company he called Reifler Trading Company that was amalgamated with Refco [...]

How EOS Took Over The Industry

EOS lip balm came out at a time filled with competition and well-known brands. They were very different from many of their competitors. The packaging sleek and colorful, perfect for attracting the next generation of shoppers. The product line is eye catching and also caters to those looking for natural alternatives. The new and Facebook [...]

Evolution Of Research By Oncotarget

Oncotarget is a linking journal which tends to get information to researchers in the different fields by availing results of research done previously by other scientist and have done their publications via the Oncotarget journal. The Oncotarget journals lead to the maximization of research done on the different fields in the area of biomedical sciences [...]

Dr. Villanueva Is Passionate About Happiness

Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva is an active practitioner in dentistry and founder of MB2 Dental. His experiences within the industry gave him a vision of helping to blend both sides of dentistry- corporate dentistry and the sole-practitioner. With direct knowledge of what the perfect world of dentistry should look like, Dr. Villanueva founded MB2 Dental. [...]

Where Bruce Levenson Is Today

Bruce Levenson has spent many years running a journal publishing company as well as owning the NBA’s Atlanta Hawks for nearly 12 years. Today he’s mostly retired and spends time with his family, including a recent trip they took down to Antarctica. He sold the Atlanta Hawks back in April of 2015, but there has [...]