Arthur Becker Has A Great Love for Art

Arthur Becker is a 66-year old real estate investor-turned-developer, who made a fortune as a Bear Stearns stockbroker, where he bought tech companies in early stages of their operations. Arthur plans to go it alone on his condo project at 465 Washington Street with an anticipated sale of $52.5 million. His Tribeca real estate office, which is not far from his condominium development, is a demonstration of Arthur’s love for art. The office has a display of sculptures and paintings that he has created. Becker collects ancient currencies from African countries, some of which are as old as a millennium, to make sculptures. He intends to install two large sculptures in a Capital Properties commercial building in Boston. He crumples dollars and Euros, and stacks them like origami animal shapes and jenga pieces. This information was originally mentioned on NY Daily News.

About Arthur Becker

Presently, Arthur Becker is the managing member of a company that invests in the real estate industry and disruptive early stage Bio Tech ventures, Madison Partners, LLC. Bloomberg reveals, he is an alumnus of Bennington College, Vermont where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in 1972. He is also a graduate of Amos Tuck Graduate School of Business Dartmouth. His involvement at Bear Stearns, in the private client services division, saw him oversee a proxy contest with Arnold Palmer. They reviewed the replacement of the board of directors and the top management of ProGroup. ProGroup supplies golf equipment and managed Arnold Palmer. He also spearheaded the sale of Arnold Palmer in 1994 in his role as the chair of the board of directors.

According to Crunchbase, Arthur Becker was the founding president of Bnox, Inc. Bnox specialized in the development of optical technology that was used in creating single-camera products. Under his leadership, the company served mass market retailers like Wal-Mart, Rite Aid and CVS. He also founded a financial advisory company, Advance Partners. This corporation facilitated the financing and acquisition of different businesses. The other venture that is affiliated with Arthur is Atlantic Investors, which acquired three data center firms, including Navisite, which he led for 8 years as the CEO. During his tenure, Navisite made 10 acquisitions. He also invested in Zinio, the largest digital magazine supplier in the world, where he served as the chairman and CEO.