Dr. Chris Villanueva & MB2 Dental Improving Dental Care Experiences

Patients of dental care services always seek out the best and most professional service provider but dentists ought to be able to carry out administrative as well as non-clinical duties. At MB2 Dental Solutions, they avail practice management which lets professionals focus on their areas of expertise such as professional care and dentistry. The MB2 Dental Solutions recently finished its bi-annual Owner’s Retreat where 40 similar minded dentists along with their better halves, were in Cancun in Mexico for a great 4-day experience. The dentist owned company, MB2 Dental Solutions, is driven by its aim on support, autonomy, having fun together and personal growth which is from Dr. Chris Villanueva, who is the founder of the company. He shares that the retreats have become a big part of the MB2 Dental Solutions team’s culture which helps nurture a healthy friendship between dentists allowing them to aid one another. This approach is intended to help the dentists to grow each other personally and profe as New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana, Tennessee and even Alaska.

Dr. Chris Villanueva founded his MB2 Dental Solutions with a notion that by supporting and helping one another the dentists are able to achieve way much more than when they work alone. He leads a number of 78 affiliates under his umbrella along with 533 employees in just six states while the company supports dentists to manage a succeeding practice which is in line with their belief in having a work-life balance within a network with other practitioners. He is able to enforce his vision of promoting the top lone practitioners and corporate dentistry by running a very active practice. MB2 Dental Solutions offers its affiliates relief from the office management operations. The business side of the practices includes billing, collections, accounting, finance, business development, marketing, training, recruitment and credentialing. MB2 Dental Solutions relieves the stress on practitioners by taking up these business end practices thus giving the dentists more time to focus on their work.https://www.glassdoor.com/Overview/Working-at-MB2-Dental-Solutions-EI_IE710847.11,31.htm

When Dr. Chris Villanueva graduated from dental school, he had to choose whether to start a private practice or to join a large group practice. The positive of joining the group was that he would be able to reach modernized technology, economies of scale and sharing the best practices. The private practice, in turn, availed ownership, little bureaucracy and also complete clinical autonomy. He wanted each of these experiences so could not pick one over the other and MB2 Dental Solutions combines these two and puts doctor’s first ipso-facto, their patients are put first.