Dr. David Samadi and his Prostate Cancer Support Group

     Dr. David B. Samadi is a prostate cancer surgeon who has been recognized globally. The urologic oncologist is also a Chief of Robotic Surgery. He made an announcement that he will be launching a prostate cancer support group at the hospital of Lenox Hill.

The support group was launched at the beginning of September this year. It is open to both prostate cancer patients and their friends and family. At the support group, they can receive understanding and both emotional and physical help to aid them through the hard times. Dr. David Samadi wanted to create a group where men who have prostate cancer can feel comfortable talking about their illness with other patients. When going through such trying times, one must not do it on their own. Emotional support can come a long way in helping patients recover.

The support group also has the mission to spread awareness of prostate cancer and that it is necessary that en get a prostate cancer screening on a yearly basis. Another one of the missions of the prostate cancer support group is educating newly diagnosed patients about the disease, what is, how it progresses, and what they can expect, and so on. It is important for patients to know as much as possible about their disease. It is unfortunate that not every patient receives the information they should from their doctor.

Dr. David Samadi hopes that men who have had prostate cancer for a while will also give some valuable advice to newly diagnosed patients. He hopes that the group will be a safe community for everyone and that men will feel safe and understood and even make lasting connections with fellow members of the support group.

Over the course of his medical career, Dr. David Samadi has had the goal of spreading awareness of prostate cancer as well as other types such as kidney cancer and bladder cancer. Dr. David Samadi specializes in robotics surgery od those diseases.

The urologic surgeon received his medical education from Stony Brook University with a bachelor’s degree, and then he moved to France in order to attend the Montefiore Medical Center Henri Mondor from which he graduated with his M. D. Dr. David Samadi also studied at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. Dr. David Samadi is a member of the American Medical Association as well as of the American Urological Association. He is currently working at Lenox Hil Hospital.