Dr. Villanueva Is Passionate About Happiness

Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva is an active practitioner in dentistry and founder of MB2 Dental. His experiences within the industry gave him a vision of helping to blend both sides of dentistry- corporate dentistry and the sole-practitioner. With direct knowledge of what the perfect world of dentistry should look like, Dr. Villanueva founded MB2 Dental.



Since its founding, MB2 Dental holds 70 affiliated office locations, has grown to hold over 500 employees and they’re not slowing down. Dr. Villanueva wanted to create a company that could help provide dentists with specialized assistance without all the strings, allowing them to get back to the most important part of the industry- patient care.



Villanueva found the options after dental school very boring. The only two real options were to start a private practice or join a larger group of practices. His passion became creating an office that would allow practitioners to get the best of both worlds, putting doctors and patients first. He created a team of people that helped put life into his ideas and MB2 Dental was born.



Knowing that technology is playing a bigger and bigger role in the world, Dr. Villanueva uses innovative technology within his services program to help enhance the experience of both the dentist and the patient. His employees work in a fun environment with the belief that good teamwork will help them help others. The regular jokester himself, Dr. Villanueva knows not to take himself too seriously. He’s even usually the first one to start a Nerf-gun fight in the office.



His unique prospective on life helped him create a very successful business that focuses on the relationship between doctors and patients. Dr. Villanueva helps offer a fresh and young outlook on how the dental industry should be managed and how to develop it. He and his team’s attitudes have changed the lives of numerous dentists and patients.



The team at MB2 Dental prides itself on being in-tune with practice trends and is completely committed to helping dentists take back control of their practices. Dr. Villanueva’s team can help dentists with any compliance, marketing, HR, legal, or payroll issues they may have, allowing them to get back to their patients.



Villanueva treats his employees and clients like the family they are.  These retreats allow owners to get together and spend time with like-minded people. A happy dentist will create happy patients; Dr. Villanueva is passionate about that.

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  1. Created to be a dentist-owned firm, MB2 Dental provides their affiliates with services that will lead to happier patients and practitioners. He even sets up bi-yearly Owner’s Retreats for his affiliated owners. It may have been so useful that an essay on time project have worked so much for them which still baffles me.