Evolution Of Research By Oncotarget

Oncotarget is a linking journal which tends to get information to researchers in the different fields by availing results of research done previously by other scientist and have done their publications via the Oncotarget journal. The Oncotarget journals lead to the maximization of research done on the different fields in the area of biomedical sciences with aim of leading to diagnosis of different diseases.

The Oncotarget journals have created an impact in the field of science particularly in understanding more on the various causes of cancers and which genes are involved in a publication on the Oncotarget journal: Gene mutations cause Leukemia, but which one? (Watanabe-Smith, 2017).

Since Oncotarget is a linking journal to different fields it helps scientist in different fields come up with solutions towards helping humanity have a better lifestyle in the near future by encouraging research and the integration between various research papers which are published in the Oncotarget journals and providing them to the public for more work to be explored in the different fields. Download output styles at Endnote.com.

For example according to research published on the biomedical journal Oncotarget done by scientist form Engelhardt Institute of Molecular Biology has proved that the Siberian Fir terpenoids have both anti cancer and anti aging properties (2017) which has aroused the interest of geneticist.

The Oncotarget publications have been used by different researchers to build up their research projects to counter a publication done previously by other researchers: first ever study shows E-cigarettes cause damage to tissues by Irfan Rahman in a publication done in the Oncotarget journal. According to research work published the Oncotarget journal, research work being carried out is aimed at coming up with solutions towards treatment: Cancer Stem Cell Research Suggest a New Approach to Treatment Resistance in Esophageal Cancer (Jason Hoffman, 2017).

In conclusion Oncotarget journals are creating a magnitude impact in the field of research by creating the atmosphere for better results and integration of the various fields towards the betterment of the field of science in coming up with long lasting solutions. Oncotarget is also available on Dove Press.

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