How EOS Took Over The Industry

EOS lip balm came out at a time filled with competition and well-known brands. They were very different from many of their competitors. The packaging sleek and colorful, perfect for attracting the next generation of shoppers. The product line is eye catching and also caters to those looking for natural alternatives. The new and Facebook trendy product is a go to for many customers and now with them selling one million units a week, they are a force in the industry as well. The company is growing by increasing product lines, flavors, and expanding to different markets and regions.

When starting EOS ( wanted to innovate the market and that they have done. They have created a number of flavors that were not common in the popular lip balm brands. Most brands operated from the standpoint of unisex use and EOS lip balm defined this brand as a go-to product for females looking for lip protection, fun, and flavor. They really thought of everything when creating this product from the smell, feel/shape, and even using organic ingredients but staying at a fair price point of $3.00. They created their own manufacturing to maximize quality control and maintain their price point. The company focused marketing to millennial females and used beauty bloggers to help gain exposure. The company has taken a huge leap in just seven years becoming a household name for many and approaching 2 billion in sales as of 2020. Growth is the focus of EOS and it seems that they will continue to grow and innovate if history is a good judge for the future.