How We Used Securus Technologies to Find an Escaped Inmate

When an inmate escapes from the prison, it does not matter what he was arrested for, we need to set up a perimeter and make it as challenging and uncomfortable for the escapee as possible. The problem that we had in this particular case was the inmate escaped overnight, so by the time there was a head-count, he was already sevens hours ahead.


With that much of a head-start, we can not set up a perimeter because the inmate could have gotten a ride and be hundreds of miles away. The suspect in question was convicted of murder, and every person he comes in contact with is in grave danger. Due to the nature of his crimes and how long he was supposed to be in jail, no one was coming forward with information to help us find this suspect.


Every hour he was free, he was getting further away and he was putting unsuspecting people in harm’s way. With very little in the way of leads, I decided to go back to the prison to see if I could possibly find anything that would tip his hand. Knowing that inmates will never talk to officers for fear of retaliation, my plan was to get them to talk without them realizing. Securus Technologies recently updated the entire inmate communication system in the prison, and now we could monitor all calls and use the LBS software to pick up specific chatter.


No sooner did we start monitoring the system, we heard chatter from a Revelation of the suspect talking to his family at home and trying to keep the lid on the fact they were hiding the suspect until the heat cooled down. Our team was at that location in thirty minutes, and even though the suspect was trying to hide in an attic, we eventually dragged him to jail.