Jeremy Goldstein: Making the Legal Matters Easier for Common People

Legal procedures are intricate and exhausting all over the world. Given the tiring process involved in initiating a legal proceeding, people face a lot of problems while securing legal rights and justice. Most of the people even avoid taking their cases to courts of law because of the complexity and intricacies associated with the exhaustive process of hiring a lawyer. To solve this problem, the New York State Bar Association has introduced an innovative idea by launching the Lawyer Referral and Information Service (LRIS) an online portal, which makes it easier for people in search of a lawyer to get one. The online portal provides an easy and trustworthy online access to New Yorkers to hire a lawyer from their homes with a touch on screen.



The launching of the online application system for hiring a lawyer by the New York Bar Association is indeed a first of its kind and thus is revolutionary. The online portal has made the whole process a convenient alternative to the people in need of a lawyer in New York. The portal has the data of various trustworthy lawyers whose profiles have been put online after a vigorous review by the NY Bar Association. The Bar Association developed this novel online portal in collaboration with, a technology firm that specializes in offering technological services to the legal industry.



Jeremy Goldstein is a widely familiar name in the legal circles of New York. Jeremy Goldstein is an accomplished lawyer and a co-founder of Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC. Jeremy’s law firm offers legal services in the matters of compensations, corporate governance matters, and executive management. Jeremy Goldstein has a long, illustrious career in Law which is decorated by his extensive practical experience in the field.



Jeremy Goldstein graduated with a degree in Law from New York University School of Law. Besides, Jeremy Goldstein holds an M.S from the University of Chicago.


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