Kim Dao’s Top 10 Japanese Hair Products

Kim Dao, popular beauty Youtuber, recently made a video sharing what she found to be the top 10 Japanese hair products.


The first item on Kim Dao’s list is Kao Essential Rich Damage Care Treatment. This 30-second treatment is perfect for those who have damaged their hair through coloring. The next product she features is Shiseido’s Ma Cherie Perfect Shower, a spray that helps remove knots from your hair. Following this is Kao Merit shampoo, which Kim Dao claims is one of the best Japanese shampoo’s on the market. The shampoo is known to rinse very quickly, which makes it good for those who are trying to conserve water when taking showers. Learn more:


The next product on the list of top 10 Japanese hair products is Venus Spa Hair Fragrance. Hair fragrance, which she says is very popular in Japan, can be used to cover up the lingering unpleasant scent of hair spray. Next on Kim’s list is Tsubaki Shiseido Extra Moist shampoo, a deeply moisturizing shampoo. Also from Tsubaki Shiseido, their damage care treatment follows on this list. This treatment is perfect for very dry and damaged hair as it provides deep conditioning.


Rounding out Kim Dao’s list are Kao Keep Super Hard Hairspray, Kracie Ichikami Hair Styling Water, Oshimatsubaki Camellia Hair Care Oil. The final product on this list is the Lumilina Hair Beuron Curling Iron.


On Youtube, Kim Dao goes into more detail on each of the products on this list. To watch this video, please visit