Roberto Santiago Excelling in Different Fields

Roberto Santiago is an entrepreneur, sportsman, and innovator based in Brazil. Before venturing into entrepreneurship, he worked at the Café Santa Rosa. Roberto’s first enterprise was a cartonnage company. As his business advanceD, Santiago identified a niche in the retail space market in Brazil. He purposed to acquire land for future development. The Maniara neighborhood, then a dominantly a residential area was Santiago’s pioneer investment in the real estate sector.


In 1989, he opened one of the largest malls in Paraiba, the Maniara Shopping mall. Maniara set the trend for investments in multi-purpose complexes. The shopping complex has over 300 stores and gross leasable area of 75,000m2. The Maniara neighbors beaches on the north coast of Joao Pessoa. Maniara offers customers entertainment, leisure, and shopping options. The shopping mall hosts several movie theaters equipped with top-notch technology.


The movie theater has a VIP room and 3D room that incorporates an interactive stadium system. The entertainment arm also includes a Game station that has over 200 gaming equipment that caters for various age groups. Domus Hall, a concert hall, accommodates between four to ten thousand people. The Domus segments into two parts, a top floor with private cabins and a ground floor that holds more people and used for events such as graduations, weddings, shoes, and fairs. Occasionally, the mall hosts exhibitions showcasing culture and knowledge in diverse fields. Students and schools frequent the mall to gain information from the exhibits and to have fun. The mall also has a food court, restaurants, financial institutions, a college, retail stores, and gym.


Roberto Santiago is also the proprietor of the Mangabeira Shopping mall launched in 2014 in the southern area of Joao Pessoa. The half a billion reais investment took two and a half years to complete and run as a separate entity. Stores in Mangabeira mall recorded five times higher turnover on the opening date compared to others in Brazil. Both malls have advanced socioeconomic growth in Joao Pessoa. After Maniara Shopping mall, several other commercial and retail properties sprung. The value of land in the areas also increased as new developments entered the market.


Roberto earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University of Joao Pessoa. He is also an alumnus of Pio X-Marist College. He is a model and reference in investments, diversification, and growth. Despite the economic crisis witnessed in Brazil in 2015, Santiago’s businesses flourished. Roberto intends to continue investing in the real estate sector and setting trends in leisure sales.


As a sports enthusiast, Roberto has participated in various sporting events. Roberto Santiago is the pioneer and only Brazilian to win the country’s kart championship. He has won several other state championships as well as motocross competition in the past.