Securus Technologies reduces internal prison conflicts through video visitation

The most dangerous time of any prison guard’s work day is when they have to move inmates throughout the prison. Being required to move inmates from one cell block to another can be extremely dangerous due to the fact that many of the inmates are involved in gang activity and may be inadvertently being moved through rival gang territories. There have also been an unfortunately large number of incidents throughout the history of the United States prison system of guards being attacked by inmates who are being extracted from their cells in order to be moved throughout the prison. Statistically speaking, there is no doubt that the act of moving dangerous inmates throughout the facility is one of the most dangerous tasks that any prison guard will have to undertake.

Securus Technologies, the nation’s foremost provider of inmate communication services, is helping to reduce this serious risk to the prison guards that keep our nation’s carceral facilities safe. Through its implementation of video visitation technology, Securus is dramatically reducing the number of inmates who are required to be carted throughout the prison in order to visit their loved ones in person to person visitations.

The economic incentives for prisoners and their families to communicate via video visitation is compelling. Inmates often are only charged $0.15 per minute in order to make outgoing video visitation calls, which feature extremely high-quality, high definition video feeds and voice connections, allowing for an experience that closely mimics actual face-to-face visitations.

Because Securus’ video visitation technology has proven to be so popular among inmates, the number of in-person visitations taking place in the nation’s jails in prisons has been dramatically diminishing over the last 10 years. This has undoubtedly saved the lives of corrections officers, who would have otherwise been required to move inmates throughout the facilities.