Sussex Healthcare Provides Care Centers for the Elderly

Sussex Healthcare provides a wide range of care centers with a home-like environment. Its headquarters are located in the West Sussex, Near Horsham. Sussex Healthcare has been a leading caring service for the past 25 years. They offer a wide range of caring services for elderly people and individuals with disabilities.

The staff working with elderly people in the Sussex Healthcare Homes go through a training academy in order to professionally care for the complex needs of elderly residents of the centers. All of the homes organize activities, including handcrafts, music, cookery, art therapy and quiz games. Sussex Health Care has experts in physiotherapy, reflexology, and other specific therapies`for alleviating ailments. The trained chefs and cooks take their time to prepare the most delicious food from fresh products.

Sussex Healthcare offers support and homes to people with Dementia. The personal care approach of the staff is trained, with continuing opportunities for learning. Dementia residents have 24-hour nursing available to them. Reminiscence sessions, familiar items, and memory boxes are part of the comfort and support offered to people suffering from dementia at Sussex Healthcare Centers.

A vast variety of neurological problems are supported in Sussex Care Centers, including multiple sclerosis, Parkinson disease, acquired brain injury, etc. The staff is trained to assist these patients both physically and psychologically. Alternative therapies such as reflexology and aromatherapy are also provided to patients. A 24-hour care is available.

Services at Sussex Healthcare Centers are provided not only for the elderly. People with learning/physical disabilities are also welcome. The centers have specialized equipment and facilities to provide activities and treatment to people with different disabilities. There is around-the-clock service provided.

The rooms at Sussex Healthcare Centers are personalized to the tastes of the individual inhabiting them. Each room has track hoisting. Leisure and social activities are regular parts of the lives of Sussex Center residents.

The Sussex Healthcare has 20 centers with over 580 beds. All of the homes offer respite care and short breaks at any time. Terminally ill patients find a Gold Standard Framework for End of Life Care, with a compassionate approach to controlling the pain. As in the beginning, Sussex Healthcare aims to provide the highest standard of care, recognizing the individual needs of each resident.