The Result(s) of Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer’s Discipline in Business and Education

“Duda” or Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer is a Brazilian media mogul in the making. His family company RBS Group is among the fastest growing of its type in South America. Rivaling Globo and Google in the Brazilian internet market for consumer value in entertainment; RBS Group and e.Bricks digital are giving the competition a run for its money. The digital media market is a new niche to Brazilian media. Duda Melzer saw this as an opportunity to grow the market and have an outlet for RBS Group projects. Established and successful companies that would fare well in the online sector were given the opportunity to be funded for an equity position or another stake the company. Among the companies featured is the largest wine producer in Latin America, and a contemporary art show in Porto Alegre, Brazil.

In an article on Estadao, Duda Melzer’s education prepared him well for his family business. Being a third generation CEO, he has made many structural changes, but, he carries on the tradition of his grandfather’s creation. His education in business ultimately resulting in an MBA from Harvard University has taught him many skills he carried on to present.The mentors he consults with as well as many business contacts have been an invaluable resource to Duda Melzer.

As a result of Duda’s education and career efforts, he’s received numerous awards. He regularly participates in conferences with peers on ethics in media. The group creates its own standards to be employed in business. This additional consideration has won the group and Duda much recognition and many awards. Being recognized as the “top entrepreneur” is not anything new to Duda Melzer. The Cambridge Institute for Family Enterprise has named him a top entrepreneur and also invited him to select future award winners. He’s also been awarded for outstanding leadership and industry specific awards. Duda’s hard work and discipline continues to inspire and stand out in Brazilian media and around the globe.

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