UKV PLC Offering Exceptional Customer Care Experience

UKV PLC is a globally reputed wine consulting firm. Also referred to as United Kingdom Vintners, the firm is composed of a small team of wine experts who guide you in selecting the best wine or champagne for your investment or occasion. UKV PLC carries some of the most luxurious wine brands in the world.

The firm specializes in the acquisition, supply, and sale of bonded wine and champagne for both private consumers and traders. Consumption or investment products are provided according to customer requirements. Whether you’re a connoisseur or a novice, at UKV PLC, you will discover high-end brands produced at various vineyards across Europe. UKV PLC also offers brokerage services to traders who wish to sell their grade wine brands held in the United Kingdom regulated bond.

Consumer Experience

At UKV PLC, customer experience is paramount. With that said, the organization has a team of experienced customer care experts who guarantee their clients of satisfactory experiences. On contacting them for advice, you are assigned a consultant who takes you through all queries concerning a worthwhile wine investment or appropriate wine or champagne for an event. Moreover, if you wish to meet with the consultant face to face, you can visit their offices anytime. Alternatively, you can choose a venue that is most convenient for you, and a consultant will be sent to the agreed location.

In a quest to offer excellent customer experience, UKV PLC operates as an independent entity that is not limited to a single supply chain. This gives the firm an opportunity to deal with the best brokers, traders, and merchants to source their stock from some of the best vineyards in France, Spain, and Italy. Additionally, their clients get an automatic invitation to wine tasting events.

Social Media Activity

A glimpse at their Twitter account will reveal their strong social media presence. The firm utilizes its social media pages to give wine advice to their esteemed clients. The advice includes choosing the best wine for your event, or investment as well as notifying their customers once new products are brought to the market. They also run a Facebook and Instagram pages.