Waiakea Bottled Water and Pump Aid are Helping Rural Areas in Africa with Clean Water

Today it is important that we help others as much as we can. There are underprivileged areas where they need all the help they can get. For this reason, Waiakea bottled water has partnered with Pump Aid to help them assist others in need. Pump Aid is helping rural areas in Africa have access to clean drinking water.

Waiakea and Pump Aid will help rural areas install pumps that will bring clean water to the areas. It is important that there is clean drinking water for these people as they suffer without it. Unfortunately every 20 seconds a child will die due to suffering from thirst, calamity or even a water borne disease. The poor drinking water affects more than just children as the adults die at a much earlier age than if they had clean water. A female lives to be nearly 62 while a male lives to only 55 in the rural areas of Africa.

When you purchase Waiakea bottled water, you are doing more than helping others. You are also helping yourself. This brand of bottled water comes straight from Hawaii where volcanic rock adds natural minerals to the water as it flows. In this region, it rains 360 days a year. Because of this level of rain, there is a constant stream of water. Unlike many other different bottled water companies, the water from Waiakea has a natural pH rating which means it is the most natural of bottled waters out there.

If you want to drink bottled water that is going to help reduce the risk of diseases like Alzheimers, Waiakea is the brand to trust. Their bottled water contains the ingredients of silica. The right amount of silica is close to 30 mg. This also helps with the cognitive functioning as well. The water feels silky and smooth as it goes down and is some of the best tasting water there is out there. When you drink it cold, the water is very refreshing and satisfying. It is even more gratifying knowing that at the same time you are helping yourself, you are helping others in need as well.